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This investment includes the custom PDF proposal, all floral arrangements, rental fees for draping, and decor items that are selected through 333 Design this is the Coco Christian Luxury Events package.Several factors impact the pricing of our custom floral services. Season, availability, venue, guest count, and quantities are all considered as we bring your vision to life. We are sure to provide our clients with the very best industry experts, to include guidance on aspects of the design with respect to the budget, as we ultimately deliver artfully crafted designs of the highest quality you and those you hold dear will remember.

Coco Christian Experience

Customized designs and flowers for your wedding
Starting from $ 6,800.00 USD

We have continued to grow as industry experts and we always desire to bring quality and exceptional designs, in order to do so we have set a minimum on our full design packages. For the full design we ask that the events decor investment budget start at a minimum of $6,800.00. This minimum can and is not limited to encompassing all aspects of the decor and flowers for your wedding, decor such as candles, linens, etc.

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