About Us

Helping clients and brides connect with the best vendors in town gives us such pride and joy! Learn more about us and how the passion extended into the creation of 333 Designs!

About Us

About 333

333 was founded in 2012 after a name change from Unique and Timeless which was one of the companies original names founded back in 2008. Corrie always had a passion to design and create beautiful events and over the years has been part of an amazing team and worked with wonderful vendors that have all made 333 possible.

333 Meaning

Truth Light and Love. The perfect combination and complete balance. When you see this number means God is trying to tell you something.

333 Team

The team consists of coordinators, designers, studio managers and a full set up and clean up crew

Corrie Spearing

About the Lead Designer

I loves life and people. I have always had the desire to serve and to be unique. I grew up with a passion to create, to be inventive, and never give up. My grandmother started teaching me to sew when I was around 6 years old, I went on to take many more lessons and later even helped sew a friends wedding dress. I took any class I could take that allowed me to grow and taught me a skill that I could use to bless people. I took cake design, photography and many art classes. Looking back now everything makes sense. I was destined to be in the event world. My grandmother even made me a complete wedding outfit for my 6th birthday and I believe that is when I started coordinating and directing pretend weddings with my friends and family.

I took a decorating program right out of High school and simultaneously launched my business. Through trial and error and lots of hard work we all are here today with years of experience and ready to help.

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