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About The Designer

333 was founded on the unique principles of equality, and creativity. Corrie started this company to be a unique wedding planning and event design company. She desires to create events that combine the quality and skill of New York chic with the charm and class of true southern hospitality. Each wedding is unique and each bride has a vision. Corrie and the entire team at 333 are committed to putting our brides first. Corrie enjoys coming alongside each of her brides to help make their dream day a reality. Whichever service you select you are ensured professional energetic assistance that will give you the event of a lifetime.

Corrie Spearing started her business in 2008, where she signed up for a bridal show and started marketing herself and skills as a planner and floral designer. She changed the name of her company from Unique and Timeless to 333 Designs, in 2012 and continued to expand her services into the interior design world as well as marketing and promoting. 333 Designs, incompasses Corrie’s faith and passion for balance and uniqueness. 333 is a sign that God is trying to tell you something, and that reminds Corrie daily that God is working and He’s not finished yet. 3 is a balanced number and is actually used in a lot of marketing and advertising. When it was time to change the name 333 fell perfectly into place creating a place with no limitations to what Corrie and her team could do.  

Some History: Below is Corrie with her grandmother at 5 years old. She says that as she looks back she feels she was predestined for the wedding and event industry; she had no idea that day where life would take her. She knows her grandmother is looking down now and is extremely proud of her. Her grandmother taught her many things including how to sew. ” She was a remarkable woman,” says Corrie. 

After the dress and many hours of dress up and “play weddings” years went by and Corrie continued to grow in her passion for art, creativity, and people. She took classes in cake design, photography, culinary,  sewing, public speaking and much more, never really knowing how it would all one day lead to the opening of 333 Designs. She later became a certified interior decorator at 19, and her dreams only continued to grow.  She helped friends with events, flowers, and it all seemed to come naturally. She is beyond thankful for the opportunities that led to her starting the business and now the ability to work alongside and serve so many wonderful people all over the country. 

Corrie with her grandmother

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